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President's message

We are proudly presenting a Website of Kerala State Govt. Ayurveda Medical Officers’ Association, the most trustworthy organization of Medical Officers in Indian Systems of Medicine Department, Kerala.

Any organization has to propagate its vision, policies, ideas along news about current affairs among the common members and public. Fortunately, we had a magazine namely ‘Physician Ayurveda Magazine’ that has a unique history of uninterrupted publication for 40 years. None in the history of service organizations or Ayurvedic field has achieved this record.

The information technology has developed much, which induced an explosion in the media world. Unlike the decades’ old personal media like telephone or public media like radio, the visual media has influenced a vast population within a short period. Television, Internet, Mobile phones etc are widely used by the public everywhere and at every time.

We cannot stand away from these Medias. Many members have already created ‘Blogs’ through which they are sharing their views and news by others. However, we have to do it in a public and official way, so the website.

This is an introductory stage and may suffer many technical ‘defaults’. Much more to be added to it. We feel it will be done by the help of you, all.

I request to be convenient to go through the site, mark your opinion and suggestions and make this site perfect and useful to all.

                                                                                     Dr. Sharmad Khan




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18, 19, 20 July 2008
Hotel Span, Kozhikode